Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Here a tat, there a tat, everywhere a tat tat!

As body painting - if that's what tattooing is called - it  seems to be becoming almost the norm for the young (well mostly young). I have always wondered how those who are currently so enamoured with their bodies being stained with hideous designs might feel as they get older.

Now I'm not talking about the tattoos for some traditional cultures - they are widely found - after all the word comes from the Polynesian word tatau. I'm talking about the new fashion. 
What a handsome Maori chief
A friend was at a beautiful wedding recently and the plunging bridesmaids dresses were 'highlited' by a back load of tats. Her response "they were hideous and spoilt an elegant affair". Not surprisingly I agree with her. 
Angelina - real or fake?
One arm covered seems to be the new fashion - and the footballers (and even our Cricket Captain) have set the pace. Some bodies are almost covered with the things. And tattoo shops are popping up everywhere. I'm pleased to say that my footy team (Go Cats) is not the leader of the pack when it comes to tats - it must be Collingwood that would win the Tat Flag.
Collingwood player Dane Swan - before he really got going!

Dane - a work in progress!
At White Night recently the outer walls of the National Gallery of Victoria featured a moving display of tattooed bodies. I just can't see anything attractive in them, particularly on women (maybe that is being non-feminist!) Such pretty faces, great bodies and - well to me - ruined flesh! 
Such a pretty girl - Tattooed on the wall of the NGV
The leaves on the trees at least soften the effect during White Night at the NGV (Nathan Dyer - News Corp)

So imagine my surprise and delight when driving along Church Street, Richmond the other day - there was an ad for undoing all that expensive art work. All I can say is that there is always someone who will make money out of 'rush of blood to the head decisions' that one regrets later on. I bet they're busy and will be for years to come.
Go guys!
Do you hate them as much as I do? Do you have a hidden tat someplace?!? Will you admit it!

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