Sunday, 30 March 2014

I need your input! - OOOPS!

I refer to my 'lesson' last week regarding commenting on blog posts!

I need to go to 'comment school' because my instructions stated that if you just replied to the post you received by email I would receive the comment.

No! No! No! she cried.

That is impossible because when you receive my post the email address states - drumroll - 'wait for it' ( So silly olde me - I'm still learning myself! 

Unfortunately that means that you can only comment by following my complicated instructions

I'll keep you posted (!) if I come up with an easier and quicker way!

Humble apologies for adding to your already overloaded 'i need your input' brain! 

And if you kindly responded using the ( it will be sitting somewhere up there in the ether forever. 

One so far - well that I know of!

1 comment:

  1. I'm afraid I'm a very erratic commenter - my apologies! But then I'm very erratic at everything else I do, or don't do, so it's probably not at all surprising that I should be an erratic commenter. My own blog waits patiently for my return; people who have long awaited replies to emails are becoming restless and the piles of unread books and unwatched dvds inreasingly precarious. So ... perhaps if you are seeking more comments, developing some more efficient friends might be a good start! Anyway, it sounds as though you are getting plenty of informal feedback - which is probably even more important than comments - so I don't think you should be at all discouraged. Then there's the satisfaction of doing it - I know it's not a healthy blogging attitude, but I find that (for all sorts of reasons) just writing a post is sufficiently satisfying in itself. .