Monday, 24 March 2014

I need your input!

As much as I love blogging sometimes I think I am just talking to myself (you might agree)! And yet I know from the kind feedback I receive from friends who are following that they really enjoy both my blogs (musings and richmondrambles). But I rarely hear from anyone with a quick comment. Boo hoo. As you can imagine feedback is important and I am just not getting any from my loyal followers - (yes I know you're out there!) So I have some options to drive more people to the site and build up the comments but they don't really appeal. They include putting ads (yuck) on the site, gathering Facebook (yuck) or Twitter (yuck) followers or Instagram (maybe) but I can already feel most of you eye-rolling and having a 'vapour' at these social media suggestions.

So what to do. Having discussed the lack of feedback with some of my followers in person I realise that most of you are just reading the posts as they come to you in your email. But in order to see a blog (not just mine) in all its true glory you need to do the following:
  1. When you receive the email you need to click on the post heading (in this case I need your input!) and voila it will take you to the actual blog which is much nicer than the boring email version - even if I say so myself! Then things start to get exciting - a whole world will open up - and you will also see the blog as it should be!
  2. Read the blog (thankyou) and when you get to the end you will see comments with a pencil next to it!
    At the end of each post - including a pencil (free!)
  3. Click on the comments link and voila up will come 'Post a comment'. You can now write your comment in the box and then just click Publish and your comment is on its way to me! Easy peasy! Of course if you want to comment using your URL etc (I can feel you glaze over again!) you can but it's not necessary.
    And there is a little box that you can type your message!!
  4. Your nice (!) comment will then come to me for approval - yes I get the choice! - and I may even reply to you so that we can start to have a bit of dialogue rather than me just talking to myself and the ether!
Of course if you just want to read the email version (which I often do with the blogs I follow) that's fine. You only need to do the above if you want to make a lasting comment.

Or if you don't want to go through the above process then you can just reply to the email you received with the post and tell me what you think (nothing easier than that!)

Oh and while I'm in teacher mode - if you like the posts there is no need to create a file and save each one of them as one of my most loyal followers has been doing. They are all there for all eternity (scary!) In the 'real blog' you can either:
  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page (it might contain 2-3 posts) and click on Older Posts and it will take you back through them all - a bit tedious. Or:
  2. If you are looking for one that you enjoyed or you want my recipes for i.e. preserving olives - then on the right hand side of the page you will see Blog Archive - just click and go searching and when you find the post you want just click on the heading and it will take you right to it!
Voila - and there are all the posts!
If you are having difficulty following my bloggedygook (!) then reply to me from the email post and I will try and walk you through what to do. 

And so to sum up. I really do APPRECIATE that you are following my musings and/or richmondrambles  - after all YOU are the reason I do it! A comment here or there would be great.

After this lesson there will be another but let's get this going first! So happy commenting when the mood takes you. Oh - and absolutely NO pressure!

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