Wednesday, 26 February 2014

onesie, twosie, buckle my shoesie!

The good old Aussie Macquarie Dictionary - interestingly I can remember the first issue which was pblished in 1981 - has again been working hard to find some more words to add to our already bursting vocabulary. 

Not surprisingly the 'peoples choice award' went to ..... drumroll..... the onesie. Now to those of you who have been on planet Mars for the last few years - let me describe a 'onesie'. Apart from being hideous most of the time (well actually all of the time) - it is what we old timers would call a 'jumpsuit' - but with a hood. So I guess you would call it a hoodie and a jumpsuit rolled into one = a onesie. 'ies' seem to be the fashion of the day. It should never be worn outside the house - or inside - in my opinion - although granted it does look comfy to watch telly and eat your dinner on your lap!
You too can wear a kangaroo for lounging around while shovelling crisp crumbs into your 'pouch'
You donkey you! What is it about the low slung crutch?
Oh and by the way the Committee's Macquarie Dictionary choice for word of the year is infovore. Never heard of it myself but it means and I quote "noun - a person who craves information, especially one who takes advantage of their ready access to it on digital devices." Now I have heard everything! 

What do you think of this new committee choice addition to our vocabulary? Would you ever use it? And would you use it scrolling your digital devices in your .... onesie?!
Good old Superman - well at least he can hop out of it and be Clark Kent in the zip of an eye!



  1. The Oxford word of the year was 'selfie'. Think I must be on planet Mars - neither 'onesie' nor 'selfie' has yet made it to my vocabulary!

    1. It is definitely the year of the 'ie' - look at me - look at me! Unbelievable. I recommend you (and I) stay on planet Mars - if this is the world we are moving into!