Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Vale Fred

Last night I 'lost' Fred, the father of Finn and the loving husband of Freda! I'm grieving. It was only in March this year that I introduced you to Finn - my grandfish and now his father has 'left us'. You can read about the excitement of becoming a grandmother here.

I arrived back from New York yesterday morning (more on that later - I just can't write about it now!) and all seemed well with my 'fish-family'. The pond water was very low and so in my excitement of seeing them all again I filled the pond and fed them lovingly. Was it something I did? Was the fresh water combined with the food too much? All I know was that 8 hours later Fred was lying in the bottom of the pond. Now you might recall that when I 'lost' grandmother Francine that grandfather Frank was depressed and at the time friends said that 'fish don't get depressed'. Well they do! Today grandfather Frank, Fred's wife Freda and little Finn have all been 'hovering' next to dead Fred. I couldn't bring myself to remove him so a friend who had called in thankfully came to my aid, removed him and he is now buried in the garden. Dust to dust, ashes to ashes.

Sadly I didn't take a photo of dear old dead Fred but here is the photo of him with his wife Freda and grandpa Frank in happier days!
Freda (L)bonded to Fred (vale) and Frank (R)
Life can change so fast! Carpe (a type of fish!!) diem!

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