Tuesday, 9 September 2014

team australia

It's footy final fever here in Melbourne and yet our Prime Minister thinks it's more important that we are all part of Team Australia. I have never heard anything so ridiculous in my life. But the marvellous thing about this type of hyped up meaningless jargon is that it has the cartoonists in seventh heaven. No one can do it better.
Oh I love you Leunig (The Age)

And I love you Tanberg (The Age)
Now I'm a loyal Australian. I love this country but please let me choose my own team. I would be furious if I was a Carlton Football supporter as Team Australia is all blue (blood (!). So give me my footy team the Geelong Cats anyday. Thank goodness their colours are blue and white! And while I'm at it 'Go Cats' in the Finals (from their performance in the first finals game they are going to need all the help they can get)!

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