Monday, 9 June 2014

The Kompulsory Kimberley Klimb

If you want to be safe from of the jaws of crocodiles and sharks then the Kimberley Klimb is Kompulsory. And you won't find magnificent aboriginal art (created a mere 40,000 years ago) without working at it - you need to klimb, klimb, klimb! So if you're 'of a certain age' and still considering visiting the Kimberley then I recommend that you do it sooner rather than later. This is a land where fitness and agility are compulsory. 
Take your time, watch where you step. There are no rails, no public safety warnings and it's a long way down!
And suddenly under a ledge - there they are - the famed Bradshaws
They've been dancing for 40,000 years
Don't look down, watch where you step and keep your footing
Now Mr Krocodile is loathe to scrape his belly on rough rocks so in order to avoid him the higher the climb the more likely you are to find a peaceful, pristine freshwater billabong in which to frolic and swim as a reward for your efforts.

Through the dappled light we stroll - en route to another billabong
There's no-one else around
It's never crowded with tourists. In fact where ever one goes on the Kimberley coast it's almost exciting to see another person or boat - after all there are no highways, no roads and the only way in is by boat. 

A crystal clear shower - why didn't I bring my shampoo?
Now don't tell me this isn't alluring
There's just us and nature - I'll take this any day
Of course care must be taken. We visited the ominous but aptly named Crocodile Creek which is usually a safe (!) waterhole. But the tide was in and so we were able to cruise over the sharp rocks which usually stop Mr Kroc from entering the waterhole. So if we could get in then so could.... My question remained unanswered "When the tide goes out - if Mr Kroc doesn't make it before the rocks are exposed - doesn't that mean that he could be stuck in the waterhole until the tide came back in again - just waiting for a juicy tourist?!" Not surprisingly we didn't swim!

Good old Homer - our small, manoeverable tender - slipping into the Crocodile Creek waterhole
But climbing has its rewards. What a joy to be in such vast open spaces, to know that few have gone before and apart from 20 laughing tourists there is not a busload arriving to 'snap and go'. There's only you to disturb the silence.

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