Monday, 16 June 2014

Sunsets in the west

I have to admit that I never did make it to sunrise on my recent Odyssey Expedition cruise in the Kimberley! But the compensation of sunset in the Indian Ocean certainly compensated. Well that's my justification for those extra few minutes in bed. After all I've never been a 'morning person'. 
Skies as big as ..... (with the 2 trusty dinghies following behind)
Odessey Expeditions - our 'little' home for the journey - awaits
Around 20 years ago I happened to be in Broome for one of the world's most beautiful phenomenan. And it only happens in the Broome region and in Hawaii (well that's what I've been told - and who am I to question it!) On that first visit I had gone for a rest from my hectic workload in Melbourne. I had hoped to spend all my time by the divine Cable Beach Club pool and strolling on the amazing beach right out the front of the hotel. "How lucky you are to be here for Staircase to the Moon" the receptionist kept mentioning as I made my way to breakfast/lunch/dinner. "I hope you're coming to see it" Well it wasn't on my agenda! I was there for poolside relaxation - not for some ridiculously named 'Staircase to the Moon'! (click for details). Still to keep her smiling I decided to go and see whatever it was I was supposed to see. And was I glad I did! It is on my forever-list where I have been moved to a spontaneous cry with the beauty/magnificence of the unexpected. (I'll list them all to date in a future post). It occurs from March to October and is caused when the full moon rises and reflects the exposed sandflats at extremely low tide (the tide goes out 3 kilometres - yes kms!!) - creating a beautiful optical illusion of stairs reaching to the moon. 
The moon appears over the horizon - you have to see it to believe it - extraordinary
So I was thrilled to think that our cruise happened to co-incide with it again - but alas - we missed it by - can you believe this - a day - the calendar was wrong (nature!) - aaaagh. So if you have a choice of dates to visit Broome then try and get there for a tear jerking experience. 

The sunset colours throughout our stay in the Kimberley were amazing. They were ever-changing but always spellbinding. I'll leave you with just a few images to tempt you.
Farewell dear sun

You are the light of my life - but soon I'll be another day older

The famed Cable Beach - walk for miles and marvel at the colours

While we are on the topic of sunsets and phenomenon - my friend tells me that just as the sun sinks in the west a green flash appears on some occasions. Of course I looked every night but didn't see it. I probably blinked just at the critical moment. I thought he might have been pulling my leg so on returning home I popped into Google and blow me down there it was The "Green Flash", also known as the "Green Ray", is a visual phenomenon that occurs at sunset. It is considered good luck in some cultures to see the green flash; others see it as a more foreboding omen. Whatever your view, it is a brief but memorable sight but you have to be quite lucky to see it.  

Have you ever seen the Green Flash or Staircase to the Moon or any other visual phenomenon? This world never ceases to amaze me.


  1. What a beautiful part of the world you've been visiting! I was particularly intrigued by the staircase to the moon which I hadn't even heard of. That I would love to see! I'm afraid I've seen no green flashes at sunset, but now I'll start looking for them.

    1. flashes, staircases - they are all there for the world to see. just make sure you time everything perfectly!! and keep looking !! - jan