Monday, 30 June 2014

I'm puffered out

Winter has arrived here in Melbourne with a vengeance.  And with it comes a relatively new fashion which was once the domain of ski outfits. I'm talking of the ubiquitous 'puffer' jacket/coat. Now I like to follow fashion but looking like the Michelin man just isn't my kind of style. And as far as I'm concerned this is where they should have stayed!
Bibendum in all his puffed up glory (
Interestingly Bibendum (his 'real' name) has been around since his introduction at the Lyon Exhibition in 1894 - meaning he is celebrating his 120th birthday this year! Not surprisingly he is one of the world's oldest trademarks. 
I think he/she is on (Michelin tyred?)roller skates as well (
During my visit to Italy late last year I was on a mission to buy a new 3/4 length leather coat. I thought it would be a breeze. I assumed they would be everywhere - my memory of the Florence leather markets returned to me often. Sadly unless spending many thousands of euros at the top designer stores they were never sighted. We never came across a leather coat shop. And we were on the look out every day. It was bizarre. 
Puffers for men
But everywhere we went there was the puffer. Sleeveless puffers, cropped puffers, jacket puffers, short puffers, long puffers - you name it - there was a puffer to cover all contingencies - and more! But nary a leather coat in sight.
Puffers for women
Puffers for children
And now they've hit Melbourne. Are you a puffer fan? Yes I know they're warm (I must admit I bought a sleeveless one yesterday!) but elegant they are not.

Now this is cute! A gold onesie puffer suit

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