Thursday, 8 August 2013

Another Simple Olive Preserving Recipe

I have written about preserving olives in an earlier post
I have had a response ensuring me that this recipe is even better and easier!
So here it is! Over to you


1. Pick the olives black and have a large pot of boing water. Drop the olives in and remove immediately!
2. Put them on an old towel immediately as they will stain
3. Allow to dry overnight
4. Place in a container and add approx 50 gms salt per kilo of olives
5. Mix daily. By day 7 they will be sweet (yes they will!)
6. Leave on an exposed table overnight to dry - on a towel - (or if you just happen to have a wood fired oven nearby (!) place the olives in when the oven is almost cold and leave overnight
7. Pack in jars with olive oil and dry red chillis or else rosemary, garlic - you choose
That's it!
Happy bottling

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