Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The Hottie - winter's a'comin!

I have a friend who always travels with her 'hottie (hot water bottle). I think it's a comfort to her and I have begun to follow her 'habit'. Neither of us have a 'hubby' to 'use' instead - and we call them our rubber hubbies! It got me thinking about the ubiquitous hottie versus the electric blanket. Except for the odd 'leak' from an old hottie (as happened recently when a friend lent me her long departed mothers hottie!), they are probably safer than an electric blanket - and won't burn the house down if they malfunction. They are transportable and they take me back to my childhood. I guess it's a bit like cuddling a dolly or a teddy bear!

And then there are the usual hottie covers that one can knit, or as my friend does - she makes them out of the sleeve of an old cashmere jumper (a new cover/sleeve every year!!).  Years ago in Aspen I picked up one that is a sheep. I think it's rather fun. 
The Aspen Sheep cover! Baa!
One of my guests took my last hottie and I needed to buy another. It was on my supermarket shopping list so I headed to where I thought a hottie would be located. I searched the toothpaste, body creams, baby formula, makeup area to no avail. Then I searched the bedroom linen, coathanger, shoe insert and other oddes and ends area - again to no avail. So off I went to the checkout chick to ascertain where they were located. "Yes, we do sell them, try the" toothpaste, body cream, baby formula area (well not those words but..). I replied "No, not there". On she went "Well then try the" bedroom linen, coathanger, shoe insert area (well not those words but...) So off I went again and spent another inordinate amount of time searching for a hottie. Again to no avail. So off I went to the 'store manager' (time is getting away from me now!) "Yes" she said "Follow me" and with that we headed down the aisle marked coffee. By this time I was frantic. Why on earth would she take me down that aisle. And there opposite the coffee were the freezer bottles and an array of smart metal water bottles. "No" I wept "I'm looking for a hot water bottle" and 'cuddled' myself (!) "It's to keep me warm at night". "Yes" she said looking at me as if I was mad (!) and pointed to the very bottom shelf. And there they were. In the water bottle 'department'. Now I ask you - why on earth would you put them there - opposite the coffee! It would appear that the store-shelf-allocator had no idea what they were for. (Perhaps drinking hot water from them?!) "My apologies" I grovelled with my tail between my legs. Then it was back to the checkout (by this stage I had overstayed my free hour of parking!) to report to my checkout chick where she could find them. "That's ridiculous" she replied. "I'll report it and have them moved" (now this was a pro-active chick)

A polo-necked fair isle cover - very smart but not cashmere!
So if you think you need comforting, then why not head to the supermarket aisle near the coffee - or the local chemist! You can then cuddle your way through a Melbourne winter. Happy cuddling!

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