Monday, 27 April 2015

A rose by any other name

Wandering through my favourite Fitzroy Gardens recently we cut across the lawn (glad we don't live in France where there always seem to be 'don't walk on the grass' signs!) I spotted a number of gorgeous rosettes on the ground under an enormous pine tree.  
My small collection of rosettes

Now I distinctly remember my mother gathering these and putting them in a bowl or adding a wire stem and adding them to an 'arrangement'. They always looked rather charming in an old fashioned way even if they were competing with her wonderful arrangements of roses picked freshly - and often - from our rose gardens. The house was always in full bloom and yet she still managed to collect the odd rosettes. I think she called them cedar wood roses. 
A 'spray' of cedar roses

I went to my friend Mr Google to discover more about them and up they popped. They're called cedar wood rose flowers and they come from the Deodar or Himalayan Cedar which is an ever-green tree, growing to 50 m tall and 5 m to 10 m in circumference. (not in my backyard thanks!)

The magnificent Deodar Cedar
A detail of the cedar cone - you can see the cedar rose forming
Whilst gathering my 'small collection' I was surprised to find that my friend hadn't seen them before. The internet is awash with websites selling them - mainly in the States. I must get back to the Deodar and see if I can make a small fortune on line as well!
I'll need to get gathering to make a posy!
Have you seen them before? Have you collected them? Do you want to buy some!!! Of course you can beat me to it by scrounging around under the cedar tree in Melbourne's Fitzroy Gardens.

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