Thursday, 9 October 2014

My jet lag theory has been blown out of the water!

I've been rather pleased with myself on returning to Australia from Noo York and Washington. I've been bragging about my theory that "flying west I don't get jetlag". It seems that when I fly to Europe I 'just get on with it on my arrival' and don't seem to react to the long flight (economy - ugh) as much as I do returning home flying east. Now maybe it's just because I am off-and-running to see and do a million things when I fly to Europe or is there more to it than that? 
My theory is 'apparantly' correct (
When I fly east (Europe to Australia) it seems to take my time-clock at least 10 days to return to normal. By that I mean not waking at 3.00 am and not being able return to sleep which is then followed later in the day by the absolute desire/necessity to have a 'lie down' at 3.00 pm which isn't at all helpful to return to my usual sleep pattern (I need to admit that the 'normal' pattern is a pretty disrupted one). 
It's after flying east! (
Well I was all puffed up with myself on my return home from the States (flying west) and I certainly didn't have a broken sleep pattern - well no more than is normal for me! But I seem to have lost a week on my calendar - making arrangements a week out! So yes my sleep was fine but my head was obviously elsewhere (some would say it often is!) P'raps it was still in Noo York! So to those friends who I have 'messed up on' I apologise. 

Do you have a theory about flying east as opposed to flying west. Or is it all in my foggy mind!?

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