Thursday, 30 October 2014

Halloween - it's creeping in 'downunder'?

We seem to be adopting all things American - I wonder if they are adopting many things from 'downunder'. Perhaps they are still putting a shrimp (prawn to us) on the barbie!

I was horrified to see a display of over-sized pumpkins - probably pumped up with hormones - at my local supermarket. I wonder how they will sell. I wonder if anyone is going to carve funny faces in them and light a candle? I wonder how many people care about trick or treat. I certainly don't. Do you?
My local supermarket display - pumpkin soup anyone!
During my time in the States recently there were HUGE pumpkins on offer here, there and everywhere. Surely they would be 'off' by Halloween. I don't think these pumpkins are edible but I may be wrong. Probably if you eat them the hormones will blow you up as well.
American pumpkins. Gross!
Is it only in America that they get over-excited about Halloween? I can recall having an American penpal many moons ago who asked me what I was doing for Halloween. In the dim dark ages past I had to advise her that I had never heard of it! I recently Googled it to find out the history - click here if you are interested - its history really has little to do with pumpkins - more to do with the Christian All Hallows Eve - a hallowed evening.

About the only thing that I thought was rather clever was this carved pumpkin - probably because if doesn't look like a pumpkin - more like my haunting owl (see post here).
Now ain't he just the cutest lille ole thing! (pinterest)
So let's let Halloween - particularly the trick-or-treat part, apple bobbing and even scary dress ups which are all part of encouraging consumerism pass us by (well you may ask - so why am I writing about it if that's how I feel!?) What do you think about Halloween (as opposed to the Christian celebration of All Hallows Eve) and do you celebrate? Is it just an excuse for children to gorge on sweets? And is it just an excuse for retailers to sell costumes, sweets (I've seen ads for Halloween donuts!) and over-pumped pumpkins?

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