Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Daffodils - the symbol of hope

It's a bit of a flowery week this week! And all in a good cause. Today it's daffodils with Daffodil Day this Friday, 22 August. (Click here for details) What better way to serve as a reminder of the marvellous work that is done to raise funds for cancer research, prevention and support services.

Sunny daffodils gracing Bowen Cottage
The daffodil is the international symbol of hope for all those touched by cancer. The Cancer Council hopes to raise over $9.7 million this year and 10,000 volunteers are expected to staff over 1,200 Daffodil Day sites across Australia. The event has been running since 1986.

Your cottage awaits
I put such a cheerful vase of daffodils in the Cottage today. It comes as we are moving into Spring. Bright sunny yellow - standing straight and tall. I hope they bring lots of sunshine and goodwill on Saturday, 23 August at 11am as my short stay business property, Bowen Cottage, goes under the hammer.
A symbol of hope

I wish the Cancer Council every success in their appeal and also wish for a very successful sale! I'm committed to make a donation to Daffodil Day - the amount being dependent on the result of the Cottage sale. I hope it isn't offensive to bundle these two wishes together. 

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