Monday, 18 August 2014

A Tulip Tip

Of course in my inimitable way a song comes to mind - this one an oldie - written in 1929 - so let's get that over and done with first!
Shades of night are creeping,
Willow trees are weeping
And babies are sleeping
Silver stars are gleaming
All scheming, scheming to get you out here, my dear
Come tiptoe to the window, by the window,
That is where I'll be
Come tiptoe through the tulips with me!

La de da de da!

Now I do love tulips but I have always been loathe to buy them because they always seem to droop on me! And there's nothing like a limp tulip! That was until a tip from a friend - it's apparently one used by florists but I had never heard of it. So in case you haven't heard of it either I thought I would share it.

Of course there are 'ways' to ensure that the tulips stay upright - this was an instillation I saw recently in the Windsor Hotel foyer. It was lovely - and so bright and cheeful.
'contained' tulips - with no chance of drooping
Still not everyone wants to 'control' their tulips and the usual bowl always seems to have the odd 'drooper'.
One of the reasons I  haven't bought tulips - nothing like a limp 'unpricked' tulip!
Apparently tulips emit a gas (!) and if the gas can't escape then it 'gasses' the flower and over it goes. To prevent limping tulips all you have to do is pierce the stem of the tulip (just below the flower) with a pin and voila the gas can escape and the tulips last longer. Simple, easy peasy, nice and easy.
Happy upright tulips - what a difference a 'pin-prick' makes!
The local Tesselaar Tulip Festival (see here for details) runs from 11 September - 7 October. I've never been but now that I know how to make a tulip last I'm putting it on my list of things to do! It's at Silvan in the Dandenong Ranges and so I'm planning a trip to see a gorgeous field of upright tulips. In the meantime look at these!
Oh to have a tulip garden - so beautiful
Tiptoe through a tulip field - gorgeous - and not a limp one in sight!
Did you know about the pin-prick tulip trick?

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