Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Steptoe in Mansfield

Last weekend I visited Mansfield in the beautiful High Country for the second time in recent weeks (a dear friend has recently moved there). It's always fun to go exploring and on my first visit we happened upon an extraordinary discovery - Mr Steptoe's relative had moved into Mansfield - in a very big way! It would be described in real estate terms as 'acreage'. As I've mentioned before - someone's trash is always someone's treasure. On the first visit we were looking for window shutters - and after much poking around we found them - $30 a pair! Rather less than my friend had been quoted - for - yes I admit better ones - around $250++ each. So if they fall apart after a few years I'm sure Mr Mansfield Steptoe can accommodate a replacement - or 3 or 4!
A door, a set of windows, a defunct computer screen, an old sink - all neatly in place - NOT!
On that first visit I was ecstatic to find some rusty metal offcuts but didn't have time to really poke around through the piles of junk in order to see them properly - it was either that or miss the back-to-Melbourne-bus! So I was excited to go back for a second visit. I'm looking for a 'feature' for a new backwall at my home. 
The soon-to-be-demolished fence with baby yukkas (you should see them now!)
Unfortunately the 60+ year old wall together with the enormous yukkas (they've grown like triffids) need to be replaced when the horrific development occurs behind me in the not too distant future. Now it may sound strange but we fought the development no only because it is obscene but because of the fence! So although we won the fight sadly the developer won the war as once they start digging the dear old wall will just 'collapse'. So I've been looking for a 'feature' to enhance the replacement wall - rusty metal cutouts - perfect!  So back we went last weekend and oh what fun we had! Here are some of the cutouts that may or may not be attached to my new wall! You'll need to use your imagination!
This could be the start of something good!

How many do you want? I'll take the lot! No - not the tyres!
And I thought you'd enjoy a few of the amazing finds that not only caught my eye - but also my fancy!
A sea of sinks
A field of - loos
FIRE! Oh - and just look at those gorgeous slabs of stone - now what can I do with those?
Mr Squiggle's home? Or perhaps a bike storage!
Can you see Mr Squiggle?
Now there's a nice bedhead in there - somewhere!
And I'll leave you with this gem - somehow it sort of summed up the chaos. This was a system like no other.

A new style of BBQ - fill the birdcage with wood, attach a red (gas?) bottle and pop a frypan on the top - voila!

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