Monday, 21 April 2014

La Brocante v Garage and Car Boot Sales!

Oo la la! How can one be lured by a car boot sale in a carpark in the city/suburbs/country or the dreadfully named 'garage sale' in the same way as one can be lured to a brocante sale of nickety nackety noos when travelling in France. The French have it down to a fine art. There are the brocante shoppers and the brocante providers. The providers move from town to town (or city to city) usually on a Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday - but on others as well - depending on the area and the 'demand'. And demand they have. There is nothing more wonderful that coming upon a market that includes brocante. 
A square in Provence just waiting for a brocante to set up - heaven

One of my favorite blogs that I follow is here at My French Country Home (take a look at her house and the one you can rent!). Not only does Sharon go brocante shopping she also takes people shopping near her home in Normandy (she'll take you if you want - she's recently taken some Aussies!). Now I hasten to add that she doesn't keep all of it - it goes into her very successful brocante on-line shop. I love these photos of a few of her hauls  - can you imagine finding this at a car boot sale here downunder. Sadly I don't think so. I do so wish there was one here - should I start one!? It would be a great way to clear some of my 'extras' (of which there are many!)
The dogs were not among the brocante purchases - nor are they for sale!
Yum - what a Normandy collection (Sharon has a bit of a chair fetish!)
I could go on but I think you've got the picture!
And then there is my other favourite blog where Corey from Tongue in Cheek (I've mentioned her before gathering and cooking 'weeds' here.) Just imagine the finds and the perusing that can be done - it would be perusing heaven.  
Part of a baby rattle - just look at the lace it's 'sitting' on
I mean why wouldn't you get the brocante bug with a backdrop like this

One (wo)man's trash is another (wo)man's treasure
Tempting? Dream on!

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