Monday, 13 May 2013

The stunning Inle Lake

It was the river I had gone to see but it was the lake which captured my heart. 22 kilometres long and half as wide it was a feast for the eyes. The Intha people (lake people) inhabit around 20 villages and there are more than a hundred Buddhist monasteries located around the lake. 
Stilt houses on Inle Lake
Travelling in my own private long boat with just the guide and driver was a privilege. We weaved in and out of the 'roads' at will as we wooshed along the waterways. The 'islands' are in fact floating and are held down with bamboo. So the 'roads' can change and the waterways can get clogged with water hyacinth. There was so much life happening on the lake and in the waterways. At every turn there was a surprise. But a picture can better tell a thousand words - so here we go!
The floating island market gardens held in place with bamboo sticks

Soaping up - and rinsing off - no qualms about the passing crowd!
Overseeing water buffalo enjoying a slosh around in the mud

Scraping past narrow bridges with the mountains in the distance
Sliding past other long boats into the heart of a village
Puttering past daily village life
Or speeding past the odd temple or two or three or ....even more!

The odd shrine (rather like a lighthouse marker on the main 'highway')
Or see a fisherman preparing his net
Or see the unique leg rowers position their boat
There was so much to see on the Lake that I haven't even touched the surface of the wonderful crafts that the locals create. It's time for a break from Myanmar - but I will return for more at some stage....!

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  1. Thank you! Absolutely fascinating - and wonderful photos.