Thursday, 16 May 2013

Roses are red....

I was fortunate to grow up in a home with a large and wonderful garden - much of it comprising my parents beloved rose gardens. I guess I took both the garden and the roses a little for granted - as you do when growing up - when it just seems to be the 'way it is'. Our home was always filled with large vases of beautifully arranged roses and towards the end of 'rose season' I remember my father raising his eyebrows (bushy) every time my mother said "This is the last of the roses". Somehow we knew that she would always manage to find the odd one or more in the garden for months until rose pruning time. Then it really was 'the last of the roses' for a while.

Spending a weekend recently in the country I was delighted to walk in my friends garden. The roses were blooming, the smells were delicious. It brought back so many memories. I couldn't wait to clip a few stems to bring home to enjoy and reminisce. 
More beautiful

Home grown roses are so much more enjoyable than a bunch purchased from the florist. Firstly they smell! Secondly they aren't tight buds. They have a softness to them that one never seems to get when buying.
In the bucket ready to travel home

What a delight it has been to have them in the house. It's reminded me of the past and how much I should have appreciated 'the last of the roses'.
Soft soft soft
There's something about roses that brings out the romantic in me. Do they do the same for you?

Nature at her best
And who wouldn't want to wake up to this by the bed in the morning - uplifting. Such a great start to the day.
Good morning to you!
 I think I can feel some rose planting coming on!


  1. What a treat - I can smell them for here! Do you happen to know which rose it is in the photo you have labelled 'Heavenly'?

  2. Hello Kate - the name of 'heavenly' is Pierre de Ronsard (he was a French Count and a poet).