Monday, 3 August 2015

Are you slightly pear shaped?!

After my last weeks post on those dreaded yukkas I threatened to write about the removal of the olives at the front of my home. But I have decided that I will do that at a later date when I can show you the ritual of replanting them at my country home in the months to come. In the meantime they are awaiting their 'final resting place' in my landscape gardeners front yard!
So let's have a bit of fun this week! Many many years ago I cut out an advertisement for jeans from - if I recall - Italian Vogue, which highlighted what I would call - one of woman's better qualities! Or a woman's curse. Being of the Rubanesque variety myself I've always wished to have no bottom - and long legs - for jeans - but alas it ain't the case for me!
Are you slightly pear shaped?!

It's funny what you keep in those odd collections which most of us have. This photograph has always been part of my collection. 
Buggy Jeans - never heard of them - perhaps we women boycotted the firm!

Recently I've taken to photographing the odd pear. I fear there might be a slight obsession here! 

I don't remember what this ad was for - but at least in Italian Vogue the pear was clothed! Poor Kate!
So apart from eating them - poached in red wine or fresh they always have a slightly different meaning for me.
Delicious poached with star anise

A peeled pear studded with cloves - tres elegant!
Will you look at a pear through different eyes in the future?!
Clever - a whole fruit salad here!

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