Monday, 9 February 2015

Yukky Yukkas

For those who follow Musings (thank you) you would have read about The Fall of the Wall (here) and the disaster my 'designer' yukkas caused to my beautiful back courtyard. The planting of yukkas within a 100 mile radius of the city should never - repeat never - be allowed to happen anywhere ever again! In fact I'm on a mission to remove all yukkas from inner urban living. Why just the other day I passed a sign offering them for sale for $5. My blood pressure rose above the decibel level. I had to be held back from ripping the sign down!
Shoot the messenger!
As I write my 'war zone' back yard with its 'yukka-chopped-down-elephant-trunks' are already breeding babies like there is no tomorrow. And there ain't nuttin I can do about it. I'm in that betwixt and between stage with the back 'garden'. We can't finish chain-sawing the yukkas out until the wall behind them is re-built. They are holding (well wedging would be a better description) both the wall behind and in front of them together. The 3-storey housing development behind me is taking for-ever (not that I am ecstatic about that either but...) and it now looks like I will enjoy my wonderful war-zone vista from my living area for another SIX MONTHS! Every time I look outside I curse those monster yukkas for causing such a problem. So a word of warning - never plant them unless you have room for elephant trunks. 
Sprouting babies - a business opportunity? Or death by thousand cuts and a dash of poison!
On the other hand - there may be money to be made from them thar babies cos of the way they are breeding. Perhaps I'll just put a sign out in the street - Sweet darlin yukkas for sale - $5 each.  I'll be debt free in a moment!

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