Thursday, 13 November 2014

Oh to be in Melbourne!

Oh to be in Melbourne
Now that spring is here

With apologies to Robert Browning! I don't know if you have noticed the flowers this spring. They are amazing. Is it the wet winter or the dry winter we've just had (I can't remember!)? Whatever it is they are bloomin marvellous! They are bursting forth at every opportunity! On a stroll through Richmond and East Melbourne on a beautiful sunny day recently this is what I came upon. And it wasn't even the purpose of the stroll! What a strolling bonus!
Gorgeous red roses dripping off the fence
Looks like these 2 cottages are competing - and what a competition!
The prettiest laneway I happened upon

Even the public nature strip is bursting forth!
Geraniums making a statement in an unloved block of flats
Love these red geraniums against the tree trunk
And just in case you haven't seen enough flowers I just loved this window display at homewares store The Works in Hawthorn - made out of paper patterns and ..... mock flowers - aren't people clever!
A scrunchy crunchy paper patterned skirt and flowery bodice
But I'll leave you with these lovely roses - on the fence of my short stay rental cottage
Uplifting when I walk in the gate - and my clients agree!

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