Monday, 12 May 2014

Are you a vampire!?

It's death by a thousand cuts when it comes to the hideously named blood orange. Now I hasten to add that I am not a squeemish person (perhaps it would help my figure if more food was off-putting!) but the thought of eating a blood orange just about does my head in. 
A bleeding blood orange - ugh
Now I'm absolutely sure that if the orange had a different name I would find them just as delicious as a huge percentage of the population. Everywhere we went in Italy last year the dreaded blood orange was flaunted at breakfast, lunch and dinner! Well actually cocktail hour. Gin and blood orange I'm told go well together. Just don't mention the blood orange! I've been pondering what they could be called. Something as simple as red orange would probably be acceptable. But blood orange no no no no no!
Just how do these clever cartoonists think like this!
Are you put off by the gruesome name? Do you love them? Or do you hate the name? Are there any other food names that 'turn your stomach'?

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  1. So ... perhaps a rose by any other name wouldn't smell as sweet! But another thought - the name 'blood orange' may not necessarily have gruesome associations e.g think. 'lifeblood' (life itself) or 'new blood' (energy and vitality) instead of 'slaughter'. The most common variety of blood oranges in Sicily is the Tarocco and that's the name that usually seems to be used in the markets - so problem avoided .