Monday, 30 September 2013

Just what is the meaning of blog?

Although I've been blogging for a while now I had never really thought about the meaning of such a weird word - after all they seem to be the norm now. So I was surprised to learn that the word blog is derived from 'web log in'.

I blog therefore I am (Non Sequitur by Wiley)
I'd like to think that there's more to me than blogging but maybe.....

What is it about business names these days. It seems the bigger and more successful a company, the more immature/insignificant the name. There's the recently turned 15 year old Google - a $290 billion dollar company. There's Apple - a $375 billion dollar company, there's Facebook - a $100 billion dollar company, there's 10 year old Linkedin a $20 billion dollar company and now there's Twitter - planning to go public soon with a value listed at just a small $14 billion!
Sign up to be my friend.  Please like me.  Follow every thought that spills out of my head! (Non Sequitur by Wiley) (The Age)
Thumbs up or

Is this the lowest common denominator. And do we have to have 'likes' when we don't really 'like'. I certainly don't 'like' but maybe I just need to get with it!

 About 20 years ago in a past life (!) I was asked to launch a new computer with the extremely creative and business-like name - Apricot! It didn't make it I'm afraid or I might have been famous for launching it! Still them's the breaks!
'I'm sorry, but Grandpa had to put the internet out of its misery now that 'facebook' is being used as a verb.....' Non sequitur again - Wiley
Well the computer as we know it probably is on the way out. Even grandpa above is shooting a 'laptop' not a 'desktop'. Now we have 'pads', 'tablets' (not for headaches but you might need the old fashioned kind to work it all out!), 'netbooks', 'notebooks', 'ultras' - the list is never ending. And then there is the old fashioned keyboard using a 'mouse'  and now the 'touch'. It's a whole new language. Are you a fan of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Google? I must admit I Google all the time!!

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