Monday, 8 July 2013

Barramundi on a Parisian rooftop

I'm an avid fan of Aboriginal Indigenous art and was thrilled to read that one of my favourite Paris Museums - the Musee du quai Branly - now has its roof covered in the scales of the barramundi fish (delicious to eat and now to see)! Created by indigenous artist Warmun woman Lena Nyadbi she travelled to Paris for the 'opening' and viewed it from the Eiffel Tower. This specially commissioned painting of Dayiwul - the ancient fish of the Dreaming is a monumental piece of art - almost 700 square metres. 
View from the Eiffel Tower of Dayiwul Lirlmim (Scales of the Barramundi) (Perthnow)
I was fascinated to read that the scales are the diamonds that were scattered on the ground prior to the Argyle Diamond Mine changing the landscape - oh what we will do for a pink diamond. As Nyadbi said after seeing her art from above "I saw my Dayiwul by the side of the river, ready to jump in the water". The Seine will never be the same again!
Lena Nyadbi - what a face, what a smile, what talent! (SMH Katherine Griffiths)
This is Nyadbi's second 'instillation' at the Branly - her first was the embossed footprints on the east story wall of the museum. With wonderful philanthropic assistance from our very own Harold Mitchell, Scales of the Barramundi will  now be seen by more than 8 million people per year who visit the Eiffel Tower. And it will be visible on Google Earth!! Art and philanthropy - what a combination.
Up close and personal - these diamonds are forever (
Tres bon et merci beaucoup Lena et Harold.


  1. Wonderful! Thank you for introducing me to Lena Nyadbi - and the Musee du quai Branly

    1. So glad you enjoyed - now you can go and see when you are next in that part of the woods!