Tuesday, 25 June 2013


My family nerped while I was growing up. No you won't find it in the Oxford or Macquarie Dictionaries. But it should be. Here's my definition of a nerp.

To take a different route instead of the usual
To choose to take the back road not the highway
To keep your eyes and ears open for surprises
To always keep an open mind 
To change the routine of the day to give yourself a 'jolt'
To share the finds of the nerp

Anyway I think you've got the picture. My father was a great nerper! I suspect he had a PHD in Nerping! His nerp often entailed driving home from the office a different way as often as possible. And if he saw something of interest we were bundled in the car to go and see it. It might be a gate, it might be a rose in bloom, it might be a drive to the hills to look over Adelaide as the lights were coming on (described by my grandmother as her jewel box). It might be the Christmas lights on a house, it might be - well I could go on. See what I mean?

It also entailed my mother setting up dinner in a different room of the house (with a different view). It was about change and jolting the routine."Where will we eat tonight?" The kitchen, dining room, sun room, sitting room overlooking the city, living room in front of the fire, on the balcony, in the garden. If there wasn't a table nearby (not often!) then a fold out table (remember the old bridge table?) would be produced - and decorated! The choices were - and are - everywhere - if you choose to look. Even in a small apartment it's amazing how sitting in another chair at the table gives you a different perspective on the room. Try it. You won't regret it. And it's fun. 
The Edge of the World - Dee Jones
Now Dee Jones in the above painting was probably not a nerper. She described the reason for painting The Edge of the World (one of my favourites and the one most commented on in my picture-laden-home) as the security you feel as a child inside the gate of your garden and the unknown once you step outside.

Growing up I thought nerping was the norm and that everyone did it. It's time it went into the dictionary of life. Nerping will enrich your life. I guarantee it! As I say in my welcome to my Musings: 
The world is full of hidden gems. 
The more you look, the more you see. 
The more you see, the more you look!

Did your family nerp or do something like it? Are you going to give it a go? I hope so! I'm off for a nerp now! 


  1. I absolutely love the idea of 'nerping' - it's in my dictionary now. How lucky you were to grow up in a family of nerpers - and how lucky we are you acquired the trait!

    1. Glad you have added it to your 'way of life' - it's fun, and you learn - and see - a lot. Thanks for your comment - Jan